Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rilian is 8 months old!

As you can tell, I am really behind on my blogging. But I thought I had better get Rilian's 8 month photo shoot posted before he actually turns 9 months in two days!

Here is Rilian on the dragon blanket. He is getting bigger! It was harder to keep him on his back this month and I imagine it will continue to get harder as he becomes more mobile.

He loves his crab toy! When I gave it to him, it helped him to stay on his dragon blanket.

Had to show off the beautiful baby blues again!

Such a sweet smile! He has six teeth. If you look at his smile and his teeth, they are a little off center. Alot of times when Rilian smiles, he makes a crooked smile. Kinda funny.

Handsome baby boy! You can kinda see the crooked smile in this picture, too.

Rilian loves to play with tags. He found the tag on his dragon blanket and decided to chew on it, like he does with all the other tags he finds.

My three sons...haha! I couldn't resist when I started typing about this picture. Seven wanted his picture taken with Rilian (again) and I asked Finn if he wanted to get in the picture, too.

Finn and Rilian. I think Finn's eyelids have bad timing with the camera. We have several shots of Finn with that look on his face. He must blink at just the right time, or rather the wrong time.

Piper and Rilian. Piper is such a good big sister. She really likes to hold Rilian, too.

All four of my precious children. I took three pictures like this, and I think this is the best of the three. Seven looks like he is scheming. But actually he is trying to figure out Daddy's phone so he can take a picture, too.

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