Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Snowman

The snow that fell on Christmas Eve decided to stay for Christmas day. It even snowed more! There was more than enough snow on the ground to make a nice sized snowman. The kids wanted to take their unbrellas outside to shade them from the sun. This was Piper's bright idea. I think it was just an excuse to be able to use their new umbrellas.

Here is Seven with his green frog umbrella and wearing his frog rainboots.
Piper posing with her ladybug umbrella and wearing her Hello Kitty rainboots.
Jeremy got the bottom part of the snowman started and Finn wanted to help. I guess when trying to kick the snowball didn't work to move it.... He decided to push it instead.Bottom part of the snowman is in position, right in front of our neighbor's shabby fence that they don't want to replace.
What a beautiful snowman, or should I say snowwoman! Unfortunately, we had to put a different head on it. This beautiful face would have gotten too cold if we left it outside for very long.The completed project. Carrot nose, leaf eyes, and leaf eyebrows.

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