Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy Pays a Visit

One day, Piper informed me that one of her teeth hurt. I took a look at the tooth that she claimed had been hurting her and do you know what I discovered? My baby girl had her first loose tooth! AND the adult tooth was already coming in behind it! Piper kept wiggling it and every day or so I would check to see how loose it was. I told her that she couldn't lose it while Mommy and Daddy were in St. Louis. I am thankful she and her tooth listened.

A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy wiggled her tooth and decided that it was time for the tooth to come out. So, he got some dental floss and tied it around her loose tooth. Piper was very nervous and did not want Jeremy to pull her tooth out. She was afraid it would hurt. With one quick tug, the tooth came out. The expression on Piper's face was priceless as she realized the tooth was out. It went from a scared and nervous look to an extremely surprised look. We recorded it with our video recorder, but unfortunately my computer does not have the correct connection for me to be able to pull it off the video recorder.

I do have a picture of my beautiful girl's new smile, though. You can see the new tooth already growing in!Piper was very excited that the Tooth Fairy was going to come that night and put something under her pillow. She did not know what the Tooth Fairy was going to leave her, but she was still excited about putting her tooth under her pillow. The tooth fairy left Piper two gold dollars under her pillow. Piper was so proud of those two gold dollars. She thought they were quarters at first. When it was time to go to school, I asked Piper if she wanted her coins in her piggy bank. She said she wanted them in her jewelry box and put under her pillow. She didn't want Finn or Seven to get them.

Piper is already working on a second loose tooth. It should be coming out pretty soon. She is excited to lose another tooth!

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