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My brother and his family came to town again this year for Easter. It is so much fun seeing them and getting our children together! Many of you know how much Rilian LOVES balls! He saw this huge beach ball on the trampoline in my mom's backyard. He was trying to climb up the ladder to get the ball. He couldn't quite figure out how to climb up. Granted, he still hadn't figured out how to walk, at this time. He could take a few steps, but a full out walk? Nope! His cousin Allie was trying to help him. Allie LOVES babies about as much as Rilian LOVES balls, so she pretty much stuck by his side. I like how they kinda match. Neither I, nor her mom planned this.
I ended up getting the huge beach ball down for Rilian. Do you see how big it is compared to him? Rilian doesn't care what size the ball is, just as long as it is a ball.
Rilian was trying to use the ball to help him walk. Unfortunately, I think the ball kept rolling too fast for him to keep up and I think he gave up.
Here he is standing. He has gotten pretty good at standing. He sure was trying this day to take some steps and walk. I mean, all his cousins and siblings were walking, so the poor little guy was getting left behind. Jeremy and I and my brother and sister-in-law went out for lunch while all six children, ages 5 and younger, stayed with my mom and step-dad. Thanks Nanny and Papa Bud! Papa Bud said Rilian took seven steps while we were gone. Every time I had my back turned and Rilian would start taking steps, Papa Bud called my name and Rilian stopped and plopped down to the ground. That silly boy sure won't preform! Not even for his Mama!
Mabrie and Piper were sitting in the yellow car, waiting for Uncle Punk to push them. This little car doesn't have an engine, but the kids sure love for Uncle Punk or Papa Bud to push them in it!
Now it is Seven and Finn's turn to ride in the yellow car. Uncle Punk got a workout that day!
Later on, everyone came over to our house to dye Easter eggs. Piper drove them around in her jeep. We thought Uncle Punk could use a rest after that morning. We love to pile the kids onto the jeep. Allie and Finn are sitting on the back. There isn't a seat there, but they sit there anyway. We pile all four of our children onto the jeep quite often and it doesn't slow it down at all! None of them are looking at the camera. The sun was in their eyes.
Allie got to drive Rilian around. We had to add an extra seat belt for Rilian. It is a bungee cord around his chest. When we first started putting him in the jeep, he had just learned how to sit up. But when Piper would start to drive, or stop, his head came forward and hit the windshield. He did not like this, so Jeremy made an extra seat belt for him. He'd be fine now, but we continue to use it.Piper and Mabrie take some of the cutest pictures together. However, Piper isn't smiling in this picture. But Mabrie sure looks cute in her sunglasses! She wore them the whole time we dyed eggs.
Finn was really concentrating on dying his egg!
Seven's favorite color is green. He made alot of green eggs.
One of Piper's eggs as she pulled it out of the dye. Mabrie looks like she was deep in thought, unless she was concentrating on getting her egg the perfect shade.
Seven and Allie dying eggs. Look at Seven's fingers! He had a hard time using the wire to put the egg in the green dye. He thought it was easier to use his fingers. Uncle Punk was helping Allie with her egg. He said she wouldn't like it if she got dye on her hands and couldn't get it off.
I thought this was a cute picture of Piper. She doesn't always cooperate when I try to get a picture of her. Plus, she was proud of her two toned egg!
Jeremy took it a step further and dyed an egg with three colors on it! Way to go Jeremy!
I mentioned earlier that Seven's favorite color is green and he dyed alot of his eggs green. I also said he had a hard time using the wire to put his eggs in the green dye. As a result, his hand started to turn green.
I asked him to hold up his hands so I could take a picture of how green they were. The dye had started to run down his arms.
He held them up higher for me. But he was starting to become uncomfortable with the greenness of his hands as you can tell by the expression on his face. We tried to tell him he was turning green like the Incredible Hulk. It didn't help. So we tried telling him he was green like a frog or an alien. Not any better. You are probably wondering if his hands were still this green for Easter the next day...They were still a little green, but not half as bad. One year, we had some blue fingers and some smurfs. Oh, the memories!
Mabrie got to spend the night again. Piper looks forward to this and I'm sure Mabrie does, too. Although after what Piper did to her, I don't know if she will want to spend the night again. Piper has a trundle bed that she is just so excited to have anyone sleep on! We got all the kids tucked into bed and about an hour later Mabrie was very confused and making some noises. Jeremy goes to check on her and what do we find? Mabrie had toothpaste all over her face and arm. What in the world? How did this happen? Well, my five-year-old daughter became possessed by something and decided for some reason to put toothpaste all over her cousin. This is one of those times when you seriously wonder what went on in her head to make her think to do that! I felt so sorry for Mabrie. As I was cleaning her off, I had to try so hard not to laugh as she said, "I don't know how my sister could have done this." I told her that it wasn't her sister, it was Piper and it wasn't very nice. Allie, Mabrie's sister, was about 15 minutes away, sleeping at Nanny's house. Piper had given Mabrie a couple of barretts to put in her hair. Mabrie wanted to sleep in them. She kept one in all night. You can see a pink shiny thing in Mabrie's hair in the picture below. I thought it was a defect in the picture until I remembered the barretts. They were all eating donuts before getting dressed in their nice Easter clothes. Mabrie's mom came over in the morning to get Mabrie dressed in her pretty Easter dress and Mabrie asked her mom, "Piper wanted me to spend the night, why did she do that to me?" She was referring to the toothpaste. Her mom said, "Because she is just like her mom and your dad." I guess Piper got mine and her Uncle Punk's "prank genes." Look out world!
My sweet children dressed in their Easter clothes before going to church. Finn was being "Finn" and he was not in a good mood that morning. So, he didn't have a very cheerful look on his face. After church there was an Easter Egg Hunt. Rilian wasn't very interested in picking up any Easter eggs. He decided it was more fun to pick the flowers and put them in his Easter basket.
Nanny, the infamous Uncle Punk, and Papa Bud. My mom, brother, and step-dad.
My family...All my boys, including my husband, are wearing ties. I don't care if they wear ties any other time of the year, but as long as my little boys will let me, I want all my boys to wear ties on Easter. Don't they all look so handsome? Finn's pose cracks me up! I think Rilian was trying to kick Finn in the head. Since he was a newborn, anytime he felt something by his feet, he would kick it. I think he was born a soccer player.
Cousins...My brother and I took turns having children. So, the oldest two, Piper and Mabrie are five years old. Mabrie was born 5 months after Piper. Finn came 13 months after Piper. Seven came 21 months after Finn. Allie came 6 1/2 months after Seven. And Rilian came 22 months after Seven. It may be a little confusing, but you can see how it worked. Finn looks like he is trying to be angelic with his pose.
Now we have Finn, the thinker. Today was a day where he was just full of different faces! Allie was right next to Rilian. She had to stand by "the baby". She sure loves babies!
We also had an Easter Egg Hunt at my mom's house. There were so many eggs, it looked like her front yard threw up Easter eggs! There were both plastic eggs and hard boiled eggs that the children dyed the night before. The hard boiled eggs had been taken out of the fridge right before we put them in the front yard, so they were cold and sweaty. Seven said he didn't like the cold eggs. So, he only had plastic eggs in his basket. If he picked up one of the "cold" eggs, he put it back down. This one was a plastic egg. I am not sure why he is looking at it with such interest.
Finn and his Easter basket. You can't see the eggs in it, but they are in there.
Like I said, Finn was full of faces this day. He had picked up these dyed hard boiled eggs and for some reason decided to make this face. Piper's hand is in the picture, holding a jelly bean egg.
Granny Joyce and Dadabe bought special eggs for each of my children. Piper is holding one of the dinosaur eggs. There were princess eggs, dinosaur eggs, sports ball eggs, and bug eggs. They were so cute! Piper thought the dinosaur eggs were funny.
Rilian found one of the sports ball eggs. These were the ones bought for him because of his love for balls. There were soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, and footballs. He looks so proud! He would pick them up and put them in his Easter basket and then throw them out one at a time and repeat.

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