Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seven's 3rd Birthday Party

Seven LOVES alligators! So, for his 3rd birthday, we had an alligator birthday party. Like most birthdays that our kids have had, Jeremy set to work his cake making skills. He decided to make an alligator out of cupcakes for this party.

Jeremy and I went to Hobby Lobby and found some alligators and lions that the kids could make at the birthday party. They had magnets on the back so they could put them on the fridge or other metal surface. My kids put theirs on the door around our fireplace. Jeremy was putting all the little pieces out for Seven and showing him that he could put them on the alligator.
Lindsey chose a lion to make.
Look at the expression on Seven's face...he sure was concentrating!
Piper also chose a lion to make.
Finn chose an alligator. He was also concentrating!
Rilian might have had a different expression on his face if the sun weren't in his eyes. Maybe I should have stood somewhere else to take his picture...
Reagan and Rilian swinging. Most of the time that Reagan was outside, she was in the swing. It's a little blurry because they were in motion.
Time for cake! Seven was so excited to eat part of the alligator!
Seven was waiting for us to finish singing "Happy Birthday" so he could blow out the candle.
I guess he decided he needed to show the camera some icing on his finger. Silly boy!
Granny Joyce and Dadabe brought this tall present. From the time they brought it in, all the children were VERY curious as to what it contained. They kept wanting Seven to open it. I like the rope bow on top.
What's in there Seven?
Surprise! It was a huge alligator inside!
How sweet! He loves his alligator. He was hugging it.

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