Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brotherly Love

Seven loves Rilian a little too much at times. Those of you who have spent any amount of time with Seven and Rilian together know what I am talking about. Seven likes to be in Rilian's face. He likes to climb on Rilian. He likes to sit on Rilian. Seven also likes to push or knock Rilian down. Do you get an idea of what I am talking about now when I say Seven loves Rilian a little too much at times? Don't worry, Seven does get fussed at for doing these things to Rilian. He even gets spanked for it sometimes. For those of you who are surprised, yes, we do believe in spanking our children at times. One of these days, Rilian will "get back" at Seven, and I won't really feel sorry for Seven.

The weather has started getting nice outside. So, we have been playing outside alot. We have been blessed with many toys for our children. One of the things that we have been blessed with is a swing set. Our children have gotten alot of use out of it! One of the items on the swing set is what I call a teeter-totter swing. It has a seat on each side, like a teeter-totter and you can swing back and forth on it. Seven was swinging on it one day and Rilian was standing very close, holding a ball. Are you surprised that Rilian was holding a ball? I'm telling you, that kid loves balls! Well, being the loving brother that Seven is, he decided he would make the teeter-totter swing go sideways instead of back and forth like it is made to do. When Seven did this, it knocked Rilian down. Well, we all know that a swing of any type does not stop immediately. Rilian tried to stand up (he was under the swing when he tried to do this) and his face got a nice scratch on it. He was not happy at all about this! Nice shiner, huh? Of course, everyone asked what happened. So, I got to explain how much Seven loves his brother.

The next day, the actual scratch looked better, but he started to get a black eye!He is all better now. As the days passed, I started to think that it would turn into a scar. If you look at him, you can barely tell where it was.

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