Tuesday, May 10, 2011

7 = 4

On Monday, April 11, 2011, Seven turned 4 years old! For some reason, it was harder for me to believe that Seven was turning 4, than when my youngest child turned 2 years old back in February. You would think it would be the other way around. Well, my little genius will be starting preschool in August. Boy is his teacher's world about to change! She doesn't know what is coming her way in a few months.

I love Seven! I love the rest of my children, too, but this post is all about Seven and his birthday party. If you haven't met Seven Kalik Voss, you are definitely missing something in your life! If you ever want to know what you are missing, let me know and I may just take you up on that offer.

Seven has an incredible memory! He is like an elephant when it comes to remembering things. Piper's birthday is a month after Seven's birthday. Piper was looking through a cupcake book to see what kind of "cake" she wanted for her birthday last May. Note I did say LAST May, as in last year, 2010. Seven just happened to be looking through the book with Piper and saw some alien cupcakes. He decided then, an entire year ago, that he wanted them for his birthday this year. So...here they are.
This is a close up and a side view. And yes, they were made by the infamous, Jeremy Voss! They are in space ships.
The final and finished product, complete with Seven's "4" candle.
When trying to decide what to do for Seven's birthday party or even where to have it, we were driving down the road one day and the kids happened to see an air castle in someone's yard. It suddenly dawned on me how much Seven liked the tiger one at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo, that I should see about renting one for his birthday. I called around to the different places in town that rent air castles and after making several phone calls, I decided to rent a lion air castle from Fun In The Air Inflatables. I kept it a secret from the kids, though. If it the weather was too windy or rainy, we would not be able to set up the air castle. I did not want the kids to be disappointed, so they had no clue it was coming until it actually arrived! God had mercy on me that day and the weather was perfect for the air castle! I was so thankful because I did not really have a backup plan. The air castle was the entertainment for Seven's party. And I will have to say, it was the most relaxing birthday party I've ever been in charge of. It was so nice to just sit and let the kids be. I didn't have to keep them entertained doing different activities, the lion took care of it all.

Piper, Seven, and Rilian are checking it out as it is being set up.
Seven realizes it is going to be a lion, with a slide coming out of its mouth!
Ta da! Seven decided to do a walk around and check it out.
The jumping area was in the back of the lion. Rilian was just sitting there because he wasn't quite sure about it yet.
There was also a cool climbing wall up into the lion's mouth which lead to the slide. Seven was climbing up. I don't think Rilian ever did, but he looked like he was at least interested.
Piper was the first to go down the slide.
Then Finn, Mr. Joe Cool.
And, of course, Seven had a turn too. He actually had more than one turn, but this is the only picture I captured of him. 
As we were getting ready to light Seven's candle, he showed us which alien cupcake he wanted to eat.
Happy Birthday, to you...make a wish, Seven!
And a still shot of us singing to the birthday boy...
Dig in kids! 
Present time!
A "How to Train Your Dragon" action figure...
A bug catcher with a field guide to help you know what bugs you have caught. Seven LOVES being outside!
Snakes! We had stuffed 6 rubber snakes inside the bug catcher.
A Gone Fishin' Game...He really wanted this game! Thanks Nanny and Papa Bud!
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader AND a box of Reese's Pieces. Seven's love of Reese's Pieces proves that he is definitely my son!
I'm not exactly sure what this creature is. Some of my kids call it an alien, some of them call it a monkey, and some of them call it an alien monkey. Regardless of what it is, it has a pretty neat idea behind it. Anyone remember the Gloworms? This creature has the same basic idea...he lights up so you won't be scared at night in your bed. He comes with a cute story that tells you that you can squeeze his tummy to turn on his light when you get scared at night. It also comes with a certificate of bravery. Check out their website.
Are you starting to see a theme with his presents? Here is another snake.
Seven is a boy and one of the things he said wanted for his birthday was snakes. I think he definitely got snakes!
He even got a snake magnifying glass!
I  put on my Sevens shirt to celebrate my Seven that day. My shirt isn't really for my son, although I don't know how many people have asked me that. If you haven't heard about Sevens Ministry, you should check them out. It is run by our friends Benny and Niki Nowell. They are amazing people with an amazing heart! I thought it would be fun to wear my Sevens shirt for Seven's birthday party and Jeremy decided to join in the fun too. So, we had to take a picture of it :)
Happy Birthday Seven! I feel blessed to be your mom. You are an amazing little boy! You are so full of life and happiness and laughter and humor. You are very intelligent. I am excited to see what God has planned for your life!

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