Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoo Field Trips

At the end of the school year is when most of the schools around here take their field trips to the zoo. The zoo is very crowded during the last month of school. I was able to go with Finn and his Kindergarten class on their zoo field trip. His teacher let him and his best friend Xavier go with me. They are the best of friends and inseparable!
They were alot of fun. At one point, Xavier found a lady bug and Finn found a rollie pollie. They played with them for at least 20 minutes! Finn let his rollie pollie go. Xavier carried his lady bug around for the rest of our time at the zoo.
 Finn's class went to the zoo on a Tuesday. Tuesdays happen to be feeding day at the zoo! I love the zoo and looking at all the creatures there. How often do you get to be that close to some of God's creatures? If you don't know what feeding day at the zoo entails, take a look!
Yes, that is a big snake eating a rat. Now you know exactly what I mean when I say feeding day.

I guess the snake in this cage wasn't hungry or it could have been choosing to share. That is a cockroach eating a mouse. Gross! I know I didn't have to post that picture, but I did anyway. Gotta keep my blog interesting, right?
The next week, on Thursday, Piper's 1st grade class took their field trip to the zoo. Her teacher let her pick two friends to go with me. She picked Gustavo and Jasreal (Jazz). They wanted me to take their picture by the sign. Seven got in the picture too.
Then I told them to do a silly picture. I also let Rilian be in this picture. I have to remind myself that he isn't a baby anymore. He does notice things and does want to take part. 
I love how the zoo lets the peacock have free reign. He was just walking around.  
Last fall, the lions had cubs. I think she had five. We went to see them the first day that they were on display. They were adorable! I could have watched them play for hours!
The cubs aren't so little anymore, but they are still cute. Gustavo was looking at one of the cubs.
This caterpillar is near the lion exhibit. My kids always like to sit on it and want me to take their picture. Piper and Gustavo got on. Then Seven got on the very back. 
Piper and Gustavo are just friends, but according to Piper, they are going to date in high school. She used to not want any kids. She said they are alot of work. I guess when you have 3 younger brothers, it sure looks that way! Then one day recently she told me Gustavo wants to have kids when they get married, so she has changed her mind and wants to have kids someday. The other day, she told me, "Gustavo said he is going to kiss me in high school."  Oh, the joys of being a parent!

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