Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rilian and His Roly Polies

Rilian LOVES roly polies. He can always find one no matter where we are. He is not afraid to pick them up. He loves to play with them. He often finds them on Granny's patio near her pool. One day, he was VERY concerned because a roly poly was crawling towards the water that had been splashed out near the pool. Rilian was almost in tears. It took a lot to convince him that the roly poly would be fine if it got in the little bit of shallow water on the patio.

Just the other day, I had to run to Granny's real quick for something. We weren't there for very long at all. Maybe 15 minutes. As I was buckling Rilian into his car seat, I noticed he had something in each hand. He was holding something between his index finger and thumb. I asked him what he had. He replied, "Balls." I asked him, "What kind of balls?" I was concerned he had picked berries from one of Granny's plants and I didn't want him to put them in his mouth on the way home. He smiled real big and said, "Roly polies." I just laughed. 

One Sunday, Rilian took some friends with him to church...they were roly polies. 
 I couldn't get Rilian to look at me, so that was the best picture I could get of him getting out of the car Sunday morning at church with his roly polies. I don't think his teacher quite knew what to think. She said he had to put them in his backpack during class so he didn't lose them and maybe they would have time for him to show the other kids in his class.

This past Saturday, we went to the zoo. Rilian found a roly poly and played with it while we waited in line for the train. When it was our turn to ride the train, the roly poly rode the train with us. Rilian wanted to leave it on the train, but we told him it might get smashed. So, we found a new home for the roly poly in a nearby flower bed.
Rilian is real good about leaving the roly polies when we tell him to. We usually are able to find nice new homes for them and he is ok with that. He is actually proud to relocate them to a new home.

The next picture doesn't really fit with the roly poly stories, but since it was a picture of Rilian that was taken close to the same time as the roly polies going to church, I included it. Rilian got this blue bucket for his birthday to put all his stuffed animals in it in his room. Well, one night when I went to check on him before going to bed myself, this is how I found him!
This is just one of those moments that a parent has to capture on film and wonder what in the world went through my child's mind! 

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