Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo Shoot

A sweet friend of mine, Darlyn, offered to take pictures of my family. I had intended to send out Christmas cards, but things got busy and it didn't happen. So, I thought I would send out New Year's cards. Well, it is February and I still haven't gotten around to it. I thought I'd put them here so all of you can see how beautiful my family is!

I love this picture of Finn!
Rilian's cute smile!
Handsome Seven!
I'm glad my friend captured this smile of Seven's. I LOVE it! He has two different smiles, as you can see in the above picture and the below picture.
Beautiful Piper!
My handsome stud of a husband and me.
Family picture...
Finn is so photogenic. This picture is funny if you know the story of what was happening during it. Finn was trying to tell something to someone, I don't remember who he was trying to talk to or what he was trying to tell them, but Darlyn would get ready to take his picture and he would stop talking. Once the picture was taken, he would continue his conversation right where he had left off like he had never stopped. It was hilarious! Darlyn snapped several photos during this time so he had to "pause" and "unpause" several times!
What a cutie!
Giggles with Daddy...
So sweet!
Pretty smile!
What a great picture of my beautiful children!
After Darlyn took a few pictures on the cannon, Rilian declared, "Now silly faces!"
Another family picture...
Mommy and Piper...
Finn and Rilian...

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