Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Day of School

Rilian started preschool this year. He goes to school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. His teachers are Mrs. Dow and Mrs. McCorkle.
He sat at his spot and colored while we listened to his teachers tell us about the school year.
On the first day of school, he was not in a very good mood. I don't think he was quite awake yet when I tried to take his picture right before we left for school.
 But Daddy got him to smile!
Rilian had noticed these animals when we had "Meet the Teacher". So, he was more than ready to play with them on the first day of school while waiting for the other students to get there.

  Seven is in First grade this year. His teacher is Mrs. Hudson.
Do you see a theme with his shirt and backpack? This was the first day of school.
Finn is in Third grade this year and his teacher is Mrs. Ballard. Piper had her as a teacher last year and we really liked her. Seven photo bombed the picture :)
 Finn's first day of Third grade...
Piper is in Fourth grade this year. Her teacher is Mr. Farr.
 Piper all ready for her first day of Fourth grade!

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