Friday, March 27, 2009

Introducing the Voss Family

My Handsome Husband Jeremy

My husband and I met 12 years ago when I was a freshman at college. Wow! That makes me sound old. I went back to my dorm after the first time we hung out at his apartment and told my roommate I just didn't know about him. "He talked forever!" He told his roommate he wasn't sure about me. "She hardly said anything!" As you can see that was okay, because things worked out. We will be celebrating our 10 year Anniversary in June and now have 4 children.

I have been told that I need to start a blog because of the stories I tell about my children. Let me start by introducing them to you.

My sister-in-law thought that I needed this picture when she saw I had started a blog. This is actually the first picture of our growing family. I was pregnant with Piper.

Princess Piper

Piper Mughain (pronounced "moon"). She is my 4 year old and my only girl. Piper is in preschool and will start kindergarten next year. Where did we get her name? I am sure you are wondering. Many people do. Since my name (Amy) and my husband's name (Jeremy) are very common, (We know of two other married couples named Jeremy and Amy), we have decided to bless our children with unique names. I have always liked the name Brittney, but it became very common when Piper was about to be born. Then there was the infamous Brittney Spears. So I decided I was not going to name my daughter Brittney. I even had a cool spelling for it, Brytni. Jeremy and I decided on the name Piper. There is an actress by the name of Piper Perabo, whom we came to know in the movie "Coyote Ugly". We like to watch the movie credits and find cool names. She was also in "Cheaper by the Dozen". I know she has done more movies since then.

Funny Finn

Thirteen months after Piper was born, we had a baby boy named Finn Tagnan (pronounced "tanyon"). Yes, you read that correctly. I did type thirteen months. Let me answer your next question...was it planned that way? Yes. I wanted my children close together because my brother and I were fifteen months apart and I thought it was fun growing up with a brother that close in age. We were buddies and always had someone to play with. I wanted that for my children. Where did we get his name? The main character in the movie "Great Expectations" was named Finn. My son's middle name is like D'Artagnan from the "Three Musketeers", just without the D'ar.

Silly Seven

Twenty-two months later, we had another baby boy. We named him Seven Kalik (pronounced like the "calic" in a calico cat). Yes, Seven is his name. Why in the world would you name your child Seven and where did you get his middle name? I can hear you thinking. We have heard it many times. And I am sure we will here it many more times. We had heard the name Seven before. And we thought about giving the name Seven to our first son, Finn, because he was born 7-7-05. But since it was 2005 and not 2007, we decided against it at the time. When I was pregnant with Seven we had decided on a name and then the night before he was born, we decided we would name him Seven instead of the other name that we had picked. Then we thought what middle name would you put with Seven? Well, we literally pulled Kalik out of the air. We made it up. It sounded good and it worked. Then came to the hard part. How do we spell Seven? Do we just use the number or do we spell it out? We have a friend who teaches first grade and she had a boy in her class named 7. She said it was hard when he had to spell his name because his name was 7 and he didn't spell it out, that just wasn't how his name was spelled. It was just the number. So we decided to spell out the number. We figured the name was different enough.

Royal Rilian

Another twenty-two months passes and another baby boy is born. Our fourth and final child, Rilian Fre. (pronounced "Rill-ee-an" "free") Almost everyone who hears his name has never heard of neither his first name, nor his middle name. Rilian came from the "Chronicles of Narnia, the Silver Chair". There is a character named Prince Rilian. Now for Fre, you're probably going to laugh, but it is Jeffrey, without "Jeff". I laugh when I tell people that. I did meet one lady who knew right away when she heard his name exactly where it came from without me having to tell her. I was surprised because she is the only one so far who has known!

Now you know how we came to become "Half a Dozen Vosses"! Are we crazy for having four children four-years-old and younger? Maybe! We get that question asked alot.

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  1. Yeah for blogs! I am glad you started one! and thank you for sharing the history of your kids and where their names came from (and even how to pronounce them! I was wondering on the 'Fre'. :)
    It is great to see that your creative side and interesting view on things that I learned of when we were teens continues to thrive today! :) I bet you and Jeremy are a hoot to be around! :) I look forward to more of your blog posts! keem 'em comin'!