Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kite Day...then Dinner at Nannie's

Today was Kite Day at Piper's school. She picked out a Barbie kite to take. When she came home from school I asked her about it. She said she walked with her kite. She ran with her kite. Piper said when she skipped with her kite it went up and down like she was. I asked her if everyone in her class flew their kites all at the same time. She said they flew them one at a time. I asked, "What would happen if everyone flew them all at the same time ?" She answered with big eyes, "Everyone would go up!" I said, "No silly, they might get tangled and come crashing down." When I told Jeremy about this conversation he said she might have thought if she were the only one flying everyone's kite at the same time then she would fly up into the air.

When she came home from school we went over to Nannie's house so Finn could also fly his kite. We had kept his in the package to keep it safe until we got to Nannie's to fly it. On the way to Nannie's house Piper told Finn that her kite went higher than everyone else's kite. Finn with his kite still in the package replied, "Mine went higher than everyone else's too." Piper asked him, "Did you fly the package?"
Jeremy was helping Seven fly his Thomas the tank engine kite. Such a sweet picture!

Look! It's a bird...it's a plane...no...it's Barbie, Spiderman, and Thomas the tank engine!

Piper was so focused on flying her kite that when she tried to run with it she ran into a small tree. She cut her lip and scratched her arm in a few places. She went inside and got a bandaid and was able to compose herself enough to fly her kite some more.

While Finn's kite was high in the air, he ran out of string and the kite came loose. It sailed across the street and landed in the neighbors pool in their fenced backyard. Papa Bud was able to rescue the kite before it drowned. Very traumatic for Finn who had been waiting ALL day to fly his kite!

Piper often gets ahold of our camera when we are not aware of it. We find evidence that she has been there later. She had the camera and took a beautiful picture of herself! What a smile!! Santa brought Piper and Finn their own cameras for Christmas.
Piper also took this picture of Finn. Not quite sure what was going on in this picture.
Jeremy was jumping on the trampoline and Finn was laying there bouncing. Just like Finn does with Seven sometimes.
Finn and Seven think it is funny when Seven lays down on the trampoline and Finn jumps next to him. Look at him bounce!

Here are some pictures of Seven's hair while he played on the trampoline. His hair is GREAT! It was full of static!

While eating dinner, there came a lull in the conversation and we heard a sound that came from Seven. Only it didn't come from his mouth...do you get what I am saying? Then Seven says, "That's funny! I pooted!" Of course we all laugh. He is such a ham!!!


  1. Great photos. Kites are the best! My boys love to fly them whenever they get a chance.

  2. You got some great shots! I love the one of Piper and her kite...seriously great!