Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Surprise!

It was forcasted to snow in the middle of the night, December 23. I looked at the hour-by-hour forecast and all I saw was rain. So, I wasn't getting my hopes up for any snow. I was very surprised when I woke up on Christmas Eve and the ground was covered with snow and it was still coming down! I opened the blinds to the sliding glass door so I could watch it fall as I ate my breakfast. When Piper woke up she walked right by the sliding glass door and didn't bother to look out at the snow. She had no clue that it had snowed. I said, "Piper, look. It snowed!" Her face lit up as she looked out the window and saw the snow.

The kids couldn't wait to go outside and play in the snow. They barely ate their breakfast, they were so excited. Here they are getting ready. the snow! Look at it coming down! At first, Piper, Finn, and Seven just walked around in it.
Then Piper and Finn made snow angels. Here is Finn's snow angel. They were so fast, I couldn't get their picture when they were making the snow angels. And they wouldn't lay back down so I could take a picture of them.
Piper's snow angel. Seven had a blast just walking around in the snow. He didn't want to make a snow angel.
More walking around in the can really see it coming down! It was thick!
You can see the smile on Seven's face as he walks in the snow.
Look at how much snow is on their slide!
Piper was eating the snow. I think it's funny that her hands were in her pockets.
It was snowing so much that it started to stick to Seven's hair. You can even see it on his eyelashes. And it was all over his coat. Remember, he didn't lay down and make a snow angel. It was just coming down that hard!
Icicles on our table that were later eaten by our children.
Oh, look...there is Finn eating one of the icicles now. Do you see the snowflakes on his eyelashes?
Piper saw the snow on the tree branches and decided to eat it. What is it with kids eating snow? Every time Seven came inside, he would eat the snow off the toe of his boots before he did anything else.
It took them awhile to discover all the snow on the slide, but when they finally did see it, they decided to go down the snow covered slide. The expression on Finn's face is great!
There wasn't much snow left for Finn to plow through, since Piper went first, but he still had fun going down the slide.
Of course, I had to get the standard shot, or what seems to be a standard shot for Texans (or people who aren't used to snow)...the snow on their vehicle. You can see all the snow on the road in the background, too.
Jeremy made a nice, warm, toasty fire for when Piper, Finn, and Seven were done playing in the snow. That way they were sure to get warm. Rilian enjoyed the fire, too.
The sun came out later on. But you can see that it snowed alot. The snow angels that Piper and Finn had made...well, you can't see them anymore. And when the kids were outside playing in the snow, you could still see the grass a little. Now, you can't.

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