Monday, December 7, 2009


We had a good Thanksgiving this year. My brother and his family came Tuesday and left Thursday afternoon. One of Jeremy's brother's and his family came Wednesday and left Saturday. So we got to see alot of family. We spent Tuesday evening, all day Wednesday, and half of Thursday with my mom, step-dad, grandma, brother, sister-in-law, two nieces, and their dog. We spent the other half of Thursday, Friday, and half of Saturday with Jeremy's parents, uncle, brother, sister-in-law, and two of their sons. Good times were had by all...well, Piper may have something to say about "good times". Jeremy's youngest nephew, Christopher, is 8 1/2 years old. One day he cleaned everything out of the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and told her to get in, then he closed the door. When she got out she said, "It was scary in there." I was still at my house, because Rilian was napping, when this incident took place. But when I went over to Jeremy's parents house, Jeremy told me what happened. I was able to laugh at it, since Piper was ok.

Wednesday night, my niece, Mabrie, spent the night with Piper. Piper is 5 months older than Mabrie. Piper was soooo excited to have someone spend the night and sleep on her trundle bed. Here the girls are "going" to sleep on their beds. After I took the first picture, I had them sit up so I could get a better picture. You have to admit the first one is rather cute, though. They were really good and went to sleep quietly and fairly quickly. I guess it helped that they were tired and it was pretty late once we finally put them in bed. Piper listens to music while she falls asleep, so do Finn and Seven. Well, that night, Piper wanted a different cd than the one that was in her cd player. Jeremy and I thought a calm choice of music would be best. It was a Praise Baby cd that was in her cd player, nice and calm and relaxing. Piper did not want this. So, we let the guest of honor, Mabrie, choose. Piper was not happy that Mabrie picked the Praise Baby cd. I told Piper, it was ok since Mabrie doesn't sleep there every night and Piper could pick whatever one she wanted tomorrow, when Mabrie wasn't here. So, as soon as Mabrie was asleep, Piper started crying because she wanted the cd changed. I think Jeremy ended up changing it since Mabrie was asleep. I just thought it was funny that as soon as Mabrie fell asleep, Piper knew and had to have the cd changed.
Four Generations...Ma (my grandma. I call her Ma, because when I was learning how to talk, I could not say Grandma, so she is Ma.), Piper, my mom, and me. I wish Piper had been looking at the camera, but oh well.
Rilian was learning how to play the keyboard. I'm sure most of you have had the privilege of sitting at the kid table when you were a kid. This was the kid table at our Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, there were only four chairs at the kid table and there were five kids that could sit there. Rilian was not old enough to sit at the kid table this year. So Finn, being the sweet boy and brother that he is, sat at the adult table, so that Piper and Seven could both sit at the kid table. We have, listed from left to right, Piper, Allie, Finn, Seven, and Mabrie.
My brother brought their dog, Pixie, with them. He could not bear the thought of leaving her behind. I don't usually care too much for chihuahuas, but Pixie is a very sweet chihuahua. She is very calm and cuddly. She is also really cute! Piper fell in love with Pixie. So I had to get a picture. Pixie was out back at my mom's house and most of us were inside. Piper went outside to be with Pixie. It was really sweet.Seven, being the ham that he is, wanted me to take his picture on the bike as he posed for the camera.
Then he wanted me to take his picture in the tree. He's such a funny kid!Cousins: Mabrie, Allie, Finn, and Piper, having fun jumping on the trampoline at Nanny's house. My sister-in-law is taking classes to finish up her teaching degree. For one of her classes, she has to read children's books. The book she was currently reading was one of the Harry Potter books. Jeremy is a major Harry Potter fan, so he picked up her book to see where she was at in the story.This is Jeremy's brother and his family, and my family. From left to right: Christopher (the 8 1/2 year old cousin you read about earlier), Jessica, Joey, Finn, Benjamin, Seven, Piper, Jeremy, me, and Rilian. Jeremy's mom says she is amazed at how much Piper looks like me in this picture.

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