Monday, November 30, 2009

The Locks are Gone

Seven has beautiful blonde hair. We kept it longer because he just had that surfer look to him and he could pull it off. He looked good with that "look". When he was seven months old, Jeremy gave him his first haircut. This is what he looked like before Jeremy cut his hair, it wasn't real long, but I guess at the time, we thought he needed it cut.
Here is the after shot...His hair is so light, you can't really tell, but we gave him the kind of haircut that Finn typically has. It is also so light, that you almost can't tell that he has hair. Jeremy and I both agreed that he looked like a cancer patient. Sorry, for those of you who know someone who has cancer, I am not trying to offend you. After this haircut, we decided to let his hair grow. As it grew, we decided he looked good with longer hair. It was Seven.
We let his hair grow for about 2 years. We did take him to Cool Cuts and get a trim. I blogged about it awhile ago. Click here if you want to read that post. As time went on, his hair grew back out. The length and look of his hair started to bother me and I starting thinking that it didn't look right. Some days it would look good to me and other days I just didn't like it. The days of me not liking it started to become more and more. Occasionally, Jeremy would mention trimming his hair. Jeremy looked on-line to find little boy haircuts so we could show the beautician what kind of haircut we wanted. I think we were afraid of messing up Seven's beautiful blonde hair. We didn't want to make him look dorky. One Saturday, I told Jeremy, "Seven's hair is starting to bother me more and more." That evening, Granny Joyce came over with her haircutting scissors and a tranquilizer (Barney movie) to keep Seven still while she cut his hair. Seven loves Barney! No, Seven is obsessed with Barney. We can all thank Granny Joyce for that. But this time, it was a good thing.

You can see how long Seven's hair was in the back before we cut it.
A front shot, before the haircut.
This was intended to be a side shot, but Seven decided to look at the camera.
Now for the after shots. The only one I have of a front shot of Seven's new haircut is with Finn and his cute smile. Finn is such a sweet little boy! Look at him hugging Seven, his little brother.
The back of Seven's new haircut...much, much shorter!
A side shot of the new doo...Seven looks like a different little boy now. His haircut looks good, but took some getting used to. I think it surprised alot of people. On Sunday, we were sitting in a pew and the lady sitting in front of us saw Seven and didn't recognize him. She said, "Oh, who's this?" I'll give her the benefit of the doubt in that Seven was looking down at a book when she happened to look back at us and see him. What's even funnier is that she is one of Seven's teachers at church.

The only thing that Seven's haircut changed about him is his look. Let me assure you, he is still Seven! For those of you who know him really well, I think you understand what I am saying. He is still the funniest kid I know!

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