Thursday, November 12, 2009


Piper and Finn went with me to pick out the pumpkin. They also thought they needed smaller pumpkins. Piper and Finn picked out theirs and then picked out one for Seven. I told them they could draw on them. Here is the face Piper drew on hers. She made a "scary" mouth.
Finn actually had two small pumpkins. The smallest one was the one he picked out when his class went to the pumpkin patch.
Seven drew all over his pumpkin and really enjoyed doing it. He was proud to show it off!
Rilian did not partake in the pumpkin drawing, but he enjoyed sitting and watching and smiling.
Jeremy was making the first cut to make our pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern. We were disappointed to find out that we would not be baking and eating pumpkin seeds this year. The pumpkin had a small hole that had allowed moisture to get inside and rot the inside. When Jeremy took off the lid, there was water inside. For some reason, the kids thought there was grease inside. I am not sure why they thought it was grease. It was water.
Finn, being the sweet boy and brother that he is, wanted his picture taken with Rilian.And of course, Seven wanted his picture taken with Rilian, too. What "photo shoot" would be complete without a Seven and Rilian picture?Piper's pumpkin is now complete. She drew hair, which is kinda hard to see in this picture, and ears. I think this picture of Piper is adorable! I don't get very many pictures like that of her.
Finn was showing off his completed pumpkins. He has a funny expression on his face because his pumpkins were heavy.
Cutting and scraping the insides out.Cutting the eyes...It can be hard to please all your children when you have more than one. Piper wanted a triangle eye and Finn wanted a circle eye. What do you do when you have only one pumpkin to carve and the kids cannot agree on what shape eyes to have?
You make one circle eye and one triangle eye. Then you have two happy kids.
What shape nose do you have when you have one circle eye and one triangle eye? Not we came up with this. If you ask me, I think it looks like a kidney bean.

Now it's time for the mouth. Everyone was watching as closely as they could.
It's a good thing Piper and Finn agreed on the type of mouth our Jack-O-Lantern was going to have. They call it a spooky mouth.Making the finishing touches on the mouth.
The completed Jack-O-Lantern. Granny Joyce had bought us an LED light that changes colors for our Jack-O-Lantern. It looks kinda blury in the picture, but I think it might have been in the process of changing colors when the camera captured the picture. We were trying to get all four of our children by the Jack-O-Lantern for a picture. Here is a good one of Piper and Finn while we were trying to get Seven and Rilian to "pose".
We took several pictures of the children in front of the Jack-O-Lantern in hopes of getting one good picture. This is the best we came up with. Piper was being a goof and making faces in most of the other pictures. The face she was making in this picture isn't too goofy.
Piper chose to be Princess Aurora again. Finn was Spiderman. Seven is a Scary Tree. There is a Disney movie that they watch at Granny Joyce's house with scary trees in it. Seven likes them so much, he wanted to be one for Halloween. He was so happy and excited to be a Scary Tree! You can see him smiling behind the green. Rilian was a lion.
I put another picture of all of them dress up because Rilian is smiling and looking at the camera in this one. I was sick on Halloween so Granny Joyce helped me out and took the older three kids to the Fall Festival at church. I was so thankful. I dressed Rilian up just for the picture. It was his first Halloween so he had to dress up. Seven still has a really big smile on his face. I told him to hold his leaves out in this picture.
Piper now has a Fancy Parakeet named Fluffy. I will make a post about Fluffy later, but she wanted her picture taken with Fluffy. Finn wanted to stand by Fluffly, too.Look at the adorable lion! I have another post to do on Halloween lions. Piper, Seven, and Rilian have all worn this costume, that was originally designed for Finn. I will explain that in another post.

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