Saturday, November 28, 2009

Play Faire Park

A few weeks ago on one of our Family Nights, we decided to play miniature golf. We went to Play Faire Park. On that particular night, it cost our family of six a grand total of $6. Yes, you read that right...$6. Of course, Rilian didn't golf and our children are all 5 years old and under, but it was only $6. Our children had never played miniature golf until that night. They had such a good time they have asked to go again.

Seven taking his first shot.
Finn taking his first shot.
Piper taking her first shot. Finn was trying to get it in the hole, while everyone stood and watched. Well, most everyone. It kinda looks like Seven was not really watching.
This is really how Seven played. It was more like he was playing pool, instead of golfing.
There was one hole with an "obstacle course" on it...or so Piper and Seven thought. They both like a challenge. Instead of going around, Piper went over and Seven went under.
Rilian with his cute smile. It kinda looks like he has a fauxhawk in this picture, but it's just part of the stroller.
The "obstacle course" also made a good spot for a family picture. I apologize for the darkness of the picture.
We had to teach the children to stay off the green while it was someone's turn. You can see Seven and Finn listened.
I think Piper got a little bored when it wasn't her turn. She is using the rail road tie as a balance beam while it is Seven's turn.
On this hole, you had to get your ball into the wheel in order to get it over to the hole. The children were watching and waiting for one of their balls to come out.

Then came the end of the game...the dreaded last hole, you know the one...the hole of no return. Piper thought she would play on that course while the rest of us were finishing up the one right before it. I warned her that if her ball went down the hole, it would be gone, she would not be able to get it. She did not heed my warning. She continued to play and what happened to her ball? It disappeared, down the hole. Piper was very upset that her ball was gone. So, being the good mother I am, I let her use my ball on that course and I didn't get to make the hole in one I would have made, had I used my ball and not let her use it ;)

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