Monday, November 23, 2009

Rilian is 9 months old!

Rilian turned 9 months old on November 2, 2009. He is starting to come alive. He is starting to show his personality more and more. This makes him more fun! He crawls, army crawls. He will get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. He takes one or two "steps" and then goes to the army crawl. He is going all over the house. You never know where you will find him. He says "mama". He doesn't say it in relation to me yet. He does say "bye bye", as well as wave bye bye. I was so surprised to find out he said it. We were leaving my mom's house one day and I heard a little voice saying "bye bye". I started looking at Piper, Finn, and Seven and thought to myself that the voice I was hearing was not theirs. I looked down at Rilian, (I was carrying him in his carseat) and saw that it was him saying "bye bye." Wow!

Just as I thought, Rilian was hard to keep on the dragon blanket. I gave him a toy and it helped him to be more willing to stay there. It is a toy microphone that is also a rattle. Now my big boy is just about as long as the dragon blanket.
I was getting a close-up of his face and he started to grab for the camera. I thought this was a really cute picture.
Rilian has a chubby face. Or at least it looks really chubby in this picture. I would have to say it is chubby in real life, too.
I was trying to take a picture of Rilian sitting up. In the first picture, Seven was being a little toot and put his hand in front of Rilian. In this picture, it looks like Seven is holding Rilian up. He isn't. He just had his hand there. I think he was trying to mess up the picture again.
My three sons...I like this picture because it shows off some of Seven's personality.
Here is another shot of my three sons. I think it is interesting that Rilian's skin is darker than Seven's. Rilian hasn't been out in the sun yet. Seven gets so dark in the summer. We shall see what happens this summer. I am excited for Rilian to be in the pool because he loves his bath so much!

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