Monday, November 16, 2009

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

When Finn was born, my mom bought a Jester Halloween costume for Piper, thinking it would fit her that Halloween. We measured Finn and Granny Joyce made a lion costume for him. Well, when Halloween came, the Jester costume did not fit Piper. It fit Finn. So, Piper got to be the lion. Funny how they were so close in size. Finn was almost 4 months old. Piper was 17 months old. To save money and Granny Joyce making more costumes, we have been able to reuse some of the costumes. The lion has been used three times. I thought I'd make a post with the three different children in the lion costume so you can see how much they look alike, or don't look alike. I think they all have resemblences to each other and you might not be able to tell Seven and Rilian apart if you didn't know better. You can look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

Here is Piper at 17 months.

Here is Seven at 6 months. I think this picture really looks like Rilian. Not necessarily in their lion costumes, but now.
Here is Rilian in the lion costume. He is almost 9 months. I would have to say we have definately gotten our money's worth out of this costume. Well, it didn't really cost us anything because Granny Joyce was willing to make it for us. So, maybe we could say Granny Joyce got her time and money's worth out of this costume.For Finn's second Halloween, he was almost 16 months old. Granny Joyce made another costume for him and he actually got to wear it this time. He was a monkey.
For Seven's second Halloween, he was about the size of the monkey costume, so he got to wear it, too. Seven was 18 months old. I don't really think they look alike, but you can decide for yourself.

I was looking at the past Halloween pictures to find the lion pictures and came across the monkey pictures so I thought it would be fun to put them in this post, also. I say Seven is the black sheep of looks in our family. He doesn't really look like the rest of us. He has his own look. I look at the baby pictures and there are some where I would have a hard time telling if it was Seven or Finn or Rilian. But for now, Seven doesn't really look like the rest of us. He is the black sheep...of looks.

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