Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In Piper's class, they get colors everyday. The colors signify what kind of behavior she had for the day. Ms. Clonch, Piper's teacher, has a calender in each child's take-home folder and puts the color on that day for which kind of day the student had. Green means Excellent Day! Yellow means Reminder to Follow the Rules. Pink means 2 minutes time out. Blue means 5 minutes time out. Brown means a phone call home to your parents.

In September, Piper got one yellow day and the rest were green. She and her best friend were talking and goofing off in line and were reminded to be quiet and follow the rules. It was nearing the end of October and there were a few days left. Piper had gotten green for the whole month so far. We told Piper if she got green for the rest of the month, she could go to the store and pick out something. Right away, Piper decided she wanted to go to the pet store. We have a fish tank at home. Some of our fish have died and we also used to have a crab in the fish tank. It died, too. Because of this, Piper sometimes asks if we can get another fish or another crab. We haven't gotten another crab yet, because we need to close up part of the tank so it cannot escape. There is a hole in the lid near the filters. (The hole is supposed to be there.) We had a crab escape from there before, so until Jeremy closes the hole, we are not getting another crab.

Well, Friday, October 30th came and Piper had a whole month of green! So Jeremy took her to the pet store like she wanted. We thought she was going to pick out a fish or a crab. NO...the first thing she saw when she walked in the door were parakeets. She immediately decided she wanted a parakeet. Jeremy tried to persuade her to pick out a fish or a crab. Piper decided she wanted a chinchilla. Much to Piper's disappointment, chinchillas cost too much. Piper could not be persuaded to get a fish or a crab, so she picked out a white parakeet. The lady at the pet store asked if it was ok that the parakeet was a boy. Piper didn't care that he was a boy. She just wanted the white one. What did she name him? Fluffy. She's a 5 year old girl, what can you expect? The parakeet alone would not have been too bad, but you can't just buy a parakeet. You have to buy food, a cage, dishes, toys, treats, and so much more.

Here is Fluffy. He is what they call a Fancy Parakeet. I think he blinked in this picture, so his eyes are mostly closed. He is a sweet little bird. Parakeets have leg bands on to tell you where they were bred, who their breeder is, and when they were born. Fluffy was born in Texas. I am not sure if he was born in April or August. He hasn't let me look at his leg band that long yet.

So far in November, Piper has gotten all green. If she makes it to the end of the month with all green, we will have to put some stipulations on the special gift she can pick out. Who knows what we would end up with?

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