Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks for Being Rude!

What is it about "I'm not interested" that sales men or sales women don't understand? Are they trained to not take that for an answer? Are they trained to ignore a person when they say "I'm not interested"? Why do they keep talking and keep pushing after a person politely responds with "I'm not interested"?

I have had several sales men and women come and knock on my door. I do not enjoy having visits from them. I am sure alot of them do not enjoy going door-to-door either. Why is it that they choose to come in the afternoon during naptime? Why is it that when people design a house, they put the children's rooms near the front door? Why is the master bedroom is always the room as far away from the front door as possible? I once had three sales men come knock on my door in a two week period, two of which were trying to sell me the same thing. Hello! Their company should keep better records. I am glad that the doorbell for my house does not work. I thought about fixing it until this happened.

One day, a man from TXU came by trying to get me to switch my electricity provider. I was trying to be polite and tell him that I was not interested. He pushed on and tried again. I told him I would have to talk to my husband, who wasn't home at the time. I thought he would take this as a didn't. He asked when would be a good time to come back that day. He said that today was the last day he would be in town before he had to head back to Houston. He asked if he could come back around 6pm or 7pm. I knew no one would be home that day at that time. So I told him that would be a good time. I bet he was surprised when he came knocking on my door and no one answered. Maybe he should have listened to me when I politely told him that I was not interested. It would have saved him a useless trip to my house.

This afternoon there was a knock on my door. It sounded like a little kid knocking. Much to my surprise, when I answered the door, there was a man standing there holding a binder. Hmmm...must be a sales man. The guy started out by asking about the truck in the driveway and saying he liked it. It was my husband's Toyota Tundra. I guess he was trying to make small talk before making his dreaded sales speech. He opened his binder and I immediately saw he was from TXU. This guy was going to try to get me to switch electric companies. Sorry mister...good luck with that. He starts out asking me if I knew about the new electric laws. I politely told him I was not interested. He asked, "You are not interested in the new laws?" I told him that I wasn't. He went on to say something else about electricity. I politely told him again that I am not interested. I kept politely telling him that I was not interested. But yet he continued to talk. I said, "I'm going to close the door now because you are not going to stop talking." As I closed the door, I heard him say, "Thanks for being rude." Umm, who is the rude one here? I told him several times, politely, that I am not interested. What else could I do to get him to get the point that I am not interested! How many times had I already told him? Plenty. He had the opportunity to end the conversation and walk away on good terms. But he kept on and on and on. If I really cared about what he had to say or sell, I would not have told him "I'm not interested."

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