Monday, February 15, 2010

Rilian is 1 year old!

I, just like alot of moms, am wondering how the first year of my baby's life could have possibly flown by so fast! How can my baby boy already be 1 year old? Wasn't he just born yesterday? Believe it or not, Rilian Fre Voss turned 1 year old on February 2, 1010, otherwise known as Ground Hog's Day.

I am not sure why this picture is darker than the rest. I guess the flash, for some reason, decided not to work. Well, here Rilian is on the dragon blanket. It was really hard to keep him on it this time for his photo shoot. I have alot of blurry pictures, that won't be posted, of him. You can tell he was moving, because the lion that he was holding is blurry.

This picture is lighter and he is holding a different toy. I thought since the lion didn't really keep him still, I would try this block. It seemed to work a little better.
A close-up...Look at Rilian's beautiful smile! And all of his hair! Let me reassure you, Piper didn't even have half that amount of hair when she was one. I think it is just mother nature. Maybe she allows boys to have better heads of hair as babies, because usually girls have longer hair when they are older. All my boys had good heads of hair when they were one.
Rilian is not walking by himself. I tried to get a picture of him standing with his toy he got for Christmas, but everytime I walked away and aimed the camera at him, he started to get down and crawl towards me. I had to be quick to get this picture of him sitting there before he started to crawl towards me! He can walk holding on to things. He cruises around our couch alot and can walk behind this toy. He doesn't have very much confidence in standing by himself. I can stand him up and if he doesn't realize he is standing on his own, he will stand for a few seconds. Once he realizes it, he plops down on the ground. Oh well. Each child is different. Piper walked at 10 months. Finn walked at 13 months. Seven walked exactly a week before he turned 1 year old.
Last month, I posted a picture of the curls on the back of his head. Some days he has more curls than others. This day he had quite a bit! I think they are cute! None of my other children had curls.

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