Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rilian's 1st Birthday Party

Rilian LOVES balls! If you have ever played with him, with a ball, you understand just how much he loves balls. He will play for hours with a ball. He will pass it back and forth to you. So, when I started thinking about his 1st Birthday Party, I thought a ball party would only be fitting. Jeremy did a good job making his "cake". He made cupcakes that looked like balls. It was funny to hear Seven call them pancakes. We had to keep reminding him that they were cupcakes, not pancakes. I love when young children get words mixed up! The birthday boy chewing on his toothbrush that his second cousin, Rex, gave him when Jeremy paid a visit to him for some detal work. It has become a toy to Rilian. Don't worry, he does have a toothbrush that we brush his teeth with everyday.
Singing Happy Birthday to Rilian. While we were singing, he saw the "balls" and really wanted one. Do you see him reaching? He could barely wait for us to stop singing!
I don't think Rilian knew what to do with his "ball" at first. He was just sitting there looking at it. He didn't realize what sweetness was sitting right in front of him.I am one who does not like for my baby to have sugar before his or her first birthday. In fact, I have a story to tell about that. I think you will think it rather funny...We were used to dogs before we had babies. We have 4 Siberian Huskies. Well, most responsible dog owners know that chocolate is bad for dogs. This is what we knew going into having babies. So, trying to be good parents, we did not let Piper have anything sweet or chocolate for her first year of life. When it came time to have Piper's 1st Birthday Party, I wanted to have a chocolate/vanilla marble cake for her. Her one year check-up came before her actual birthday party. I asked her pediatrician, "When can she have chocolate?" He looked at me and almost shockingly asked, "You've been withholding chocolate?!?" To which I replied, "Yes." I thought I was being a responsible parent and not giving my baby girl chocolate or any other sweets. I bet that was the first time her pediatrician had ever heard that question. I am sure he had a good laugh about it later on. I don't know. Maybe he put our picture on the wall and labeled it "model parents."

Curiosity takes over....Hmmm...What does it feel like?
And then, into the mouth, like everything a baby gets his hands on.Mmmm...he likes it and must have more!
Let's try the other hand now. I didn't realize Seven ate his "pancake" like this until I saw the picture.
Piper and Finn enjoyed the icing off their cupcakes. Piper and I can share cake because she really only cares to eat the icing. I only care to eat the cake.
Look how messy I am, Mommy!
And a close-up of exactly how messy Rilian was. It was on his face AND his hands AND his arms AND his shirt! But he sure was enjoying it!

Until it started to fall over and land with the icing part down. Rilian was very upset when the cupcake part was up and not the icing. He did not like the idea of not being able to eat the icing. He fussed until I turned it back over for him. I guess he will be an icing kid, like his big sister.
Time for presents!
Can you see Rilian smiling behind the big ball we got him for his birthday?
This was Rilian's favorite birthday gift! And the cheapest one we have ever bought. Look how happy he is!
Rilian had more presents to open after he opened the one containing his ball. We kept trying to get him to just look at the other ones, but he was too interested in his ball. I think he got annoyed with us and turned his back to us. I should have known not to start with letting him open the ball.
One of the other presents was a book with pictures. I pointed to the ball on the cover so maybe he would be interested in the book. No luck...
At least he looked at the book. But he wouldn't dare let go of his ball.

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  1. I loved the cupcake "Balls." My son was the same way when he was this age. Take a look at the new Scentsy warmers that look like a basketball, football, soccer ball, and baseball. They are available March 1.