Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gifted and Talented

I am so proud of my little kindergartener! I knew Piper was smart, and not just because I am her mom. But it is always good to hear that someone else can see how smart your child is. I have already bragged about Piper in Pre-K, last year. So, I will try not to repeat myself too much. Sometimes, it is hard not to brag on your children!
When we had the first six weeks Parent/Teacher conference with Ms. Clonch, Piper's kindergarten teacher, she reminded us how smart Piper is. Ms. Clonch started off by saying she didn't have any other words to describe Piper than "marvelous" and "magnificent". I was a proud parent, listening to Piper's teacher describe her. Ms. Clonch said she is the perfect student. She is very attentive. She does her work. She stays focused. She gets along with everyone. Then Ms. Clonch said, "But you already know this, don't you? You're not surprised, are you?" I responded by saying, "Actually, I am." I had hoped that she would continue to be the good student that she was in Pre-K. I am glad that she has continued on this path as a young student! But I wondered how, my Piper, could be that way at school and not at home. Don't get me wrong, Piper is a good child, but she is a "little" different at home than how she is at school. I am very thankful that she is a good student and that she is good for her teacher.

Ms. Clonch informed Jeremy and I that Piper and another student, who happens to be Piper's best friend, get pulled out of class to go read at their level, since they read at a higher level than the rest of the class. I go into more detail about it in the middle of this post.

So in January, Ms. Clonch once again reminded us of how smart Piper is. She informed us that Piper was going to be tested for the "gifted and talented" program. Wow! My Piper, my little kindergartener, is really smart! AND I am not the only one who sees it. You can picture me beaming with pride as you read this :)

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