Monday, November 8, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I know we are into November now, but it should be no surprise that I am behind in my posting. Better late than never, huh? A few weeks ago, we had a play date at the Pumpkin Patch. Piper and Finn were at school, so I do not have any pictures of them at the Pumpkin Patch, but Seven and Rilian picked out 4 little pumpkins. One each and then one for Piper and one for Finn, which you will see decorated in a little while by them.

The Pumpkin Patch always provides a great opportunity for a photo shoot. It took a little bit, but I finally got this one of Seven and Rilian sitting on pumpkins.

Then I realized that it might be better if they were sitting closer together, so with a little bit more work, we got it taken care of.
This picture is neat because both Seven and Rilian are doing their own thing. Rilian is studying all the pumpkins. Seven is trying to roll the big pumpkin. It makes me laugh that he was trying to do that. I took the picture of Rilian and got a good laugh at Seven in the background.
The swing and pumpkin made a perfect prop for a great picture, but Rilian refused to get on the swing. But I still got a good picture of Seven. I guess it is Rilian's loss. He could have been in the picture, but he chose not to.
 Rilian had just learned to say pumpkin a few days before we went to the Pumpkin Patch. He was proud that he could say it as he pointed to several pumpkins and said it.

Seven saw this green pumpkin and said it was a dead pumpkin. I had to take a picture of it so I could show everyone what he was talking about. He is quite a character! I would have to agree that something is not normal about the green pumpkin.
My cute 3 year old sitting on a pumpkin...He was probably in "heaven" that day. Seven's favorite color is orange. He was surrounded by a sea of orange!
Holding pumpkins and saying cheese.
Another great prop for another great photo opportunity!
What trip to the Pumpkin Patch is complete without a story read by a pumpkin? I was very surprised by how well Rilian sat and listened to the story! I really did not think he would sit there that long. He sat through the whole story! Seven did good, too.
That night we decorated the pumpkins that Seven and Rilian picked out at the Pumpkin Patch for everyone. Piper with her pumpkin.
You couldn't see the face very well that she drew in the last picture, so I took a close up.
Finn and his decorated pumpkin. Can you tell by his face that he is not happy with how it turned out?
Seven and his decorated pumpkin. He wasn't quite finished with his pumpkin when I took the picture.
And Rilian holding his decorated pumpkin.

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