Sunday, November 14, 2010

My 3 Monkeys...I Mean Sons

All three of my boys have been dressed as a monkey for their second Halloween now. I got to wondering if they looked alike. Here are the pictures so you can see for yourself.

For Halloween in 2006, Finn was a monkey. Granny Joyce made him an awesome monkey costume. He was 15 months old.

Monkey Finn sure enjoyed that sucker! He was drooling and as a parent, you know what happens when your child drools while they are eating a sucker.
Now for a profile shot...I can see resemblances between Finn and Rilian in the profile shot. None of the other two pictures of Finn looked like Rilian at all to me.
Two years later, Halloween 2008, Seven was dressed as a monkey. He was 18 months old. The costume survived the washing machine after Finn enjoyed his sucker in the costume.
When looking at the pictures, I realized I had a couple of profile pictures of monkey Seven also. I see a little bit of resemblance to Rilian in this shot.
I think this one looks more like Rilian than the last one. If I didn't know that it was Seven, I might not be sure if it was him or Rilian.
Fast forward to this year, Halloween 2010, another two years later. Rilian was two days shy of being 21 months old. He had such a sweet smile! 
And a close up...
I was kind of surprised that none of my monkeys looked alike. I did a post last year about Piper, Seven, and Rilian being lions for different Halloweens to see if they looked alike. I think my lions looked more alike than my monkeys. I always enjoy going back and looking at pictures of my beautiful children. I also think it is fun to compare pictures to see how much they do or do not look alike. If you are a parent, I am sure you think it is just as fun!  

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