Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trick or Treat

Yes, we decorated more pumpkins...we had a total of nine pumpkins out in front of our house. The four little ones from the last post, these four "Mr. Potato Head" pumpkins, and a jack-o-lantern you will see in a little bit. We let the kids pick which kind of Mr. Potato Head parts they wanted. Two of them picked pirates and the other two picked skeletons.
Rilian picked a pirate.
Piper picked a skeleton. Notice she is holding his hand?
Then she wanted me to take her picture crossing her eyes. You can't really tell that is what she is doing. She just looks like she is looking down at her nose. But she doesn't realize that, she is just proud that she can cross her eyes. And she is still holding her skeleton's hand.
Seven chose a pirate. He is holding his hand out like his pirate is..."Arg!"
Finn chose a skeleton.
Next, it was time to carve the jack-o-lantern.
Piper was holding up her messy hands. She had stuck them in the pumpkin. I remember a couple of years ago, she would not put her hands in it. She thought it was gross, but not this year. She was all about digging the guts out!
Piper was trying to get her hands back in, but Finn was digging at the inside with a spoon, so he was kind of in the way of Piper putting her hands back in.
There is Rilian peeking out from behind Finn. He wanted to see what was going on.
Even Seven put his hand inside to help dig out some of the guts.
Rilian thinks he is just as big as his brothers and sister, so he also tried to dig out some of the guts.

I told you Piper was all about taking the guts out. Look how deep her arms are in the pumpkin. Really, I think she was just excited about getting all the pumpkin seeds out so we could bake them. Talk about motivation!
I guess Rilian wanted a closer look at what was inside the pumpkin. You can also see how messy Piper's hand is. This is kind of surprising because when she eats, she is real careful about not getting her hands messy. She will even tell you which hand is clean, so you know she doesn't need to wash that one.
A close-up of the "close-up". 
 Rilian made it look like alot of fun, so Piper had to try.
And of course, Seven had to try it, too. I think Finn was playing games on the computer, so he didn't really know they were doing this. Otherwise, I'm sure he would have played the "monkey see, monkey do" game also.
Piper said she wanted our jack-o-lantern to have heart shaped eyes. Who says jack-o-lanterns can't have heart shaped eyes...not our family.
My little pumpkins with their jack-o-lantern. I took three pictures with the jack-o-lantern and this is the best of the three. At least all four of them had their faces up. It is often hard to get a picture with all four of them looking AND smiling at the camera. 
Seven wanted his picture taken with the jack-o-lantern again. In this picture you can almost see all nine of our pumpkins. There are eight on the wall and then the ninth pumpkin is beside Seven.
Now for the costumes...
Rilian is a monkey. Finn is Optimus Prime. Seven is a pirate. Piper is a black cat.
As I was looking through the pictures to put them on this post, I had to put all three of these on. Finn was just cracking me up with his poses! I didn't realize he was doing that when I took the pictures.
Piper was also a black cat three years ago. Her hat still fit. She just doesn't grow very fast. This fact really came in handy this year. She wore a black turtleneck, black pants, and black shoes. Luckily, the tail from three years ago was detachable and we were able to put it on her this year. Unfortunately, I forgot to draw whiskers on her face. Do you like how she is posing like a cat? She did that in two of the above pictures as well. There was no prompting by us, she just came up with it on her own.
Rilian is the third son to wear this monkey costume. It was made by Granny Joyce four years ago for Finn. I will look for the pictures of Finn and Seven as monkeys and make a post about all three of them. Rilian was copying Piper's cat pose.
My little pirate doesn't look happy. Truth is, he wasn't happy. Seven did not want his picture taken. I told him I just needed one good picture and I would stop taking pictures of him. All he had to do was smile and look at the camera, that constituted a good picture. I finally just gave up and this is the picture we have. Oh well. 
And another cool pose by Optimus Prime. Finn was full of poses that night! No prompting by us, it was all Finn!

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