Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodbye Ronald McDonald, Hello Big Boy!

I'm gonna stop telling you that I am behind in my blogging and you can just expect that the post you are reading happened awhile ago :) What can you expect from a mother of 4  young children? At least I AM blogging :)

So, Rilian needed a haircut. Some of you might think that is an understatement. He had huge beautiful blonde curls, but it was time for them to go. It was kind of a hard thing to do, but it had to be done. had to be done. This also meant that my baby boy was growing up. It seems that "first" haircuts age your baby and they become "big" boys.

Here are some BEFORE shots...
I like this one with his reflection in the mirror. You can also see Seven watching.
And a face shot. I had to get all the angles. After all, his curls might not grow back.
The precious curls in Jeremy's hand. And yes, we did save quite a bit of them. We actually saved more than what is in Jeremy's hand.
How did we get him to sit still? Rilian LOVES balls! So, we gave him a few balls to play with. He really liked tapping them on the mirror.
Here's another cool shot. Rilian was looking at the camera through the mirror.
Rilian was a little bothered by the hair on his ball.
I guess he wanted to see what was going on, so he was looking at himself in the mirror.
Look at all the hair on his shoulder!
I didn't realize how long his hair was until this photo.
This is a little closer shot of the length of his hair. Granny helped Jeremy out in the hair cutting department.
Rilian was complaining about his "itchy" hair on his neck.
There's a smile from my big boy!
And we had to get all angles of the AFTER shot.

What did Piper, Finn, and Seven think of Rilian's haircut? They thought he looked funny! We didn't let them see him until after we were done cutting his hair. Then I took a picture of when they first opened their eyes. They laughed and laughed!
And one final "Cheese!" for the camera from my big boy!

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