Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sitting With Santa

A few weeks ago, we went to the light parade downtown. Pretty much, as long as your float has lights on it, it is allowed in the parade. Santa is also in the parade. Santa! And after the parade, he goes and sits in one of the bank's buildings and waits for the kids to come and tell him what they want for Christmas. So, after getting frozen while watching all the floats in the parade, we went and saw Santa.

To make things go faster, we let our children sit on Santa's lap two at a time. Plus, Seven didn't want to sit on the big guy's lap by himself and I didn't know if Rilian would either. Finn and Seven went together. Seven is sweetly hugging Santa. What did they ask Santa for? Finn asked for a Transformers game for the Xbox 360. Seven asked for an orange train table, an orange bridge for his trains, and an orange Thomas the Tank Engine train. Can you tell orange is his favorite color?
Then it was Rilian and Piper's turn. I was so amazed at how well Rilian did on Santa's lap. This picture was the very first one I took of them on his lap! No crying baby this time! I said, "Say cheese!" and this was the result I got...Rilian saying "cheese." Everyone around was also in awe of how good he was! What did Piper ask Santa for? A white dog with a purple color that you can walk on a leash. It isn't a real dog. She also wanted a pair of cowgirl boots. I don't think Rilian understood the whole telling Santa what you want for Christmas thing. So, I don't think he really talked to Santa.
And here is a sweet picture of Rilian and Piper looking at Santa, for you to enjoy.

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