Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I won!

I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve, I know I did! I have been on a winning streak lately. It started out with Gowalla, during their Gifts on the Go. In December, they were giving away free gifts randomly as you checked-in, from December 1st through Christmas day. If you already Gowalla, you understand what I mean, if not, check it out. It's fun. I have to admit that I thought it was dumb at first. My husband was on Gowalla before me. Everywhere we went, he would "check-in" using Gowalla. I made fun of him. Well, one day he had my iPhone and just happened to install the app on it for me. Once I stated using it, I was hooked. Gowalla is very similar to Facebook Places and Foursquare, but I think Gowalla is the best. Anyway, I won a Livestrong Hoodie from Gowalla. I was excited that I actually won something. 

For the past few years, Jeremy and I have gone to Red Letter Rock Fest. It has been in Snyder, Texas. It is a huge concert with alot of Christian bands. The past few years, it has been a two day event. However, this year, it was on New Year's Eve. Tickets were $25 each. If you do the math, for both Jeremy and I to go would be $50. The bands that were there this year were 
New Year's Eve was on Friday night this year. On Wednesday, I saw on Facebook that P.O.D. was giving away two tickets to three people randomly who commented on their Facebook page. I thought I would give it a chance, so I commented that I lived about an hour and a half away from where Red Letter Rockfest would be. I said that I hadn't bought tickets yet, so if they gave me tickets, my husband and I wouldn't have to buy them. A little while later, Andrea, with P.O.D.'s promotions crew sent me a message to my Facebook inbox saying that I won a free Warrior T-Shirt and that they were sorry I did not win the tickets. I thanked them and thought to myself, "Hey, at least I won something!" 

The next day, I received another message from Andrea telling me that one of the winners of the tickets cancelled and said they couldn't attend, so if I hadn't already bought tickets, they were mine. I immediately messaged her back saying that I hadn't bought tickets and that I had planned on doing it later on that day. But now I wouldn't have to! I guess procrastination pays off sometimes. This is one of the ways that God has provided for my family. He gave us tickets to Red Letter Rock Fest, so we wouldn't have to spend $50 dollars that we really couldn't afford to spend. In case any of you are wondering, we had a really good time.

A few weeks ago, we entered in a chance to win a ticket to Barney Live in Concert. Seven is Barney's BIGGEST fan! That actually might be an understatement! What do you know? We won! I'm not going to go into detail about taking Seven to see Barney Live in this post. This event deserves its own post. So, check back later and you can read about it.

And my winning streak didn't end with Barney. I won Stars Go Dim's new single. I really like them, especially after hearing them at Red Letter Rock Fest. You can download their Love Gone Mad album on their website for free! How awesome is that?!?

So, in the past month, you can see how lucky I have been. I hope my winning streak continues, but all good things must come to an end.

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  1. I need you to rub some of that good luck off on me!