Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rilian's Furry Friend

One day, this little Chihuahua was found outside our house near the street. It had a two different tags on it, with two different phone numbers. I called the first one and no one answered. So, I called the second one. Here is how the conversation went when the lady answered the phone...

ME: I found your dog.
LADY: No, I'm not missing a dog. 
ME: Well, it has your phone number on its tag.
LADY: I don't know how you could have my dog. We have lots of dogs and they are all here...What does it look like?
ME: It's a Chihuahua.
LADY: What color is it?
ME: Well, what color Chihuahua are you missing? (I did not want to give this lady someone else's dog. We have lost a dog before and know what it is like to never see them again.)
LADY: Is it black? 
Then I hear her talking to another lady in the background. They are talking about not missing a dog and all of them are there at their house. The lady I am talking to is telling another lady in the background that I am saying I have their dog.

By now I am getting a little annoyed with this lady. Seriously? THIS dog that I am holding in my hands, has HER number on it...the number that I just dialed and she just answered.
ME: If this isn't your dog, then why does her tag have your number on it?
LADY: It's not mine. I am not missing any dogs.
Then I hung up the phone.

I was really annoyed now. Seriously?!? Why would the tag have her phone number if the dog isn't hers? How could she not know that she was missing a dog? When we lost one of our Siberian Huskies, we were greatly saddened. It was like losing a child! Maybe she had so many dogs that she couldn't keep up with them and really did not realize that one was missing. 

So, what did I do? I called the pound. I just thought I'd let them sort out the mess. While I was waiting on the pound to come get this Chihuahua, I put it out in the backyard. I didn't know if it was house broken. Plus, I did not know anything about the dog, so I really didn't want it in my house. Our fence has places where a Chihuahua could escape, so I tied it up. Rilian really liked the Chihuahua and wanted to walk it, so I let him. First, he bent down to pet it.
Then she layed down in the cool dirt. 
Here is a video of Rilian walking his furry friend.
Then it was time for Rilian to take a nap. I left a bowl of water outside for the Chihuahua while she waited on the pound to come get her.

When the man arrived from the pound, he told me he thought they had had her before. If that is the case, they would scan her and find out where her microchip says she lives. 

Well, turns out, later on that afternoon, my neighbor across the street came knocking on my door asking if I had seen a little dog earlier that day. I told him I called the phone number on her tag and they said she did not belong to them, so I called the pound. I told him if I see her again, I will know where she belongs. Apparently, the Chihuahua belongs to him and his family and they did not put their phone number her tags. Needless to say, after he walked back across the street to his house, he went to the pound to get his dog.

So, pet owners....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, put YOUR contact information on your pet's tag! I don't want to have to talk to anymore "dumb" people when I find your pet.

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