Tuesday, September 27, 2011

West Texas Fair & Rodeo Parade

My family lives in West Texas. If you have ever met a Texan, you know how prideful they are of their state. In the town we live in, we have a parade in September to celebrate West Texas. This parade signifies the start of the West Texas Fair and Rodeo, in my mind. (I will blog about the fair soon.) But since the parade comes before we go to the fair, this post comes first. 

My kids like going to parades, so I took this opportunity to take them to the parade. Jeremy was out of town, so I am very thankful that my mom could come with me and my four kids to the parade. Rilian, Finn, and Seven chose front row seating (on the street) for the parade.
Piper decided she wanted to sit in the balcony (the bed of a friend's truck) to watch the parade.
What exactly is the West Texas Fair and Rodeo Parade? It consists of more than enough entries. If you ask me, this parade is the longest parade in history. But if you sit there and watch the entire 1 hour and 30 minutes, you will see horses...several times. 
Tractors...several times.
And several different marching bands, from around the area.
After all, what else is there in west Texas besides horses, tractors, and marching bands?

Rilian really liked the marching bands. 

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