Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bedtime Surprises

Every night before Jeremy and I go to bed, we always check on our four sleeping angels. Sometimes it is funny, or rather interesting, the things you find when you go into their rooms. Take Rilian for example...

Rilian LOVES his stuffed animals and any other stuffed animal that he decides to adopt from his siblings. One night, this is what we found, upon checking on Rilian...
He had stacked all "his" stuffed animals on top of each other. The next morning, he told me he wanted them all to be on his pillow with him.

Have you watched the movie Dolphin Tale? If you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend watching it. The night we watched Dolphin Tale, this is how we found Rilian...I guess he liked the movie!
My kids often do things that really makes me wonder, "What were you thinking?" This was one of those nights... 
I still had Rilian's changing pad in his room, even though I hadn't used it in at least six months. Had I taken it out, what would he have done that night?

What funny things have you found after your kids were asleep?

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