Saturday, July 21, 2012

At the Car Wash

I LOVE a free car wash. In fact, I live for them! There are a couple of car washes in town that give away a free car wash for "liking" them on Facebook. They also give away a free car wash occasionally for other things, too. I happened to be checking Facebook one morning and saw that 50's Classic Car Wash was giving away a free car wash that day. So, after we were done with our errands, we headed over there. At 50's Classic Car Wash, it is designed like it would have been in the 1950's. There is even a place to sit to get your shoes shined. They also give you popcorn. My kids love watching our car get washed through the window. They really like it when the car gets different colored soap! They said they were watching a movie.
While it was our car's turn to be washed, something happened and our car got stuck in there. It was just sitting there. Maybe one of the car wash's belts came off or something. It was funny because the kids said the movie paused. Eventually, the movie started playing again and had a happy ending...we got a clean car! Yea for a free car wash!

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