Friday, July 6, 2012

A Visit to Whoville

Last month, downtown turned into Dr. Seuss's Whoville. It started off with a parade of Dr. Seuss characters. I wasn't too impressed with the parade. It was really short. But as my friend said, "It is the FIRST ANNUAL Dr. Seuss parade." Maybe it will get better over the years...

After we watched the very short parade, we took our kids to the Grace Museum. If you have never been inside the Grace Museum, there is a section for children. It has lots of neat hands on activities and stuff they can play with. One of the things is a tree the children can climb in. Rilian stuck his head out one of the holes in the tree and stared at me with his teeth like this...
I asked him what he was doing. He said he was a squirrel.

Piper also had to be a squirrel. 
After we were done playing we went to the next floor down and did the "make and take" activity. Since the theme was Dr. Seuss, they made Horton ears. I thought it was funny that when I posted this picture, I realized Rilian still had his scissors in his hands. That boy LOVES to cut with scissors! 
Finn and Seven working on their Horton ears.
Piper coloring her Horton ears. 
 Seven wearing his very colorful Horton ears.
Piper didn't want her picture taken by herself, so once Finn finished his Horton ears, they stood together wearing their Horton ears. Piper is so silly... 
 There were several Dr. Seuss statues displayed for all to see. This one was right outside the Grace Museum.
Well, the four adorable children were not part of the statue...that was my added touch.

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