Friday, August 24, 2012

4th of July

I am very well aware that the 4th of July was almost two months ago, but I know that I have very dedicated blog readers that really want to know what my precious family did on the 4th of July! (and this is where I am in my picture taking timeline)

We had a meal at Granny's house and hung out there alot of the day. The kids had fun playing and making a fort in the living room. However, they didn't seem to eat very much of their dinner. When we took apart the fort to put it way, we discovered why...
Yes, those are chocolate wrappers.

Some creatures are just naturally patriotic. Take my dog, Tymbre (pronounced timber), for example. She has a RED collar, WHITE fur, and BLUE eyes.
When it got later in the evening, and closer to dark, we played with sparklers. I guess Rilian thought they smelled. 

Finn was didn't really want to get out of Granny's pool. Plus, he was afraid of getting burned again by the sparkler, but he at least let me take his picture. 

Does anyone else use an already lit sparkler to light one that isn't lit yet?

We survived playing with sparklers without any major injuries. With four children, ages 8 years old to 3 years old, this can be scary. I am very thankful that Piper's hair was wet from the pool because Seven was waving his sparkler around and it hit Piper's wet hair and singed it. If it wouldn't have been wet, she would have been bald!

When it got dark enough, the fireworks started!


 I thought this was a cute picture of Finn and Rilian watching the fireworks.

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