Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Camp Tonkawa

It has been almost a month since I posted...therefore, I am VERY behind. Things have gotten busy and I haven't had time to post. So...

The last week of June, Finn went to Camp Tonkawa with his Boy Scout troop. On the last day, it was family day. This meant we got to go to camp with him and see what all he had been doing that week. We said the pledge of allegiance to begin the day. Here Finn is saluting. 
Then we took a hike. This was one of the bridges we crossed.
We stopped for a little while in a small clearing in the woods. But as the Cub Scouts started to get restless and wander, the Boy Scout leaders decided it was time to move on.
We found another  bridge to cross. This one was less stable. It was very narrow and we could only cross one person at a time. It shook and swayed as we crossed. 
Since this year was the Olympics, the Cub Scouts participated in their own Olympics. One of the events was a water balloon toss. The Cub Scouts had to get five hits on the Boy Scouts.
They also made marshmallow shooters. Finn's troop was getting instructions and the rules.
All lined up and ready to shoot!
Jeremy was loading Finn's marshmallow shooter with a marshmallow.
And shoot!
We ate lunch out there and had a really good time. I was glad to be able to see what Finn had been up to that week. He had alot of fun!

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