Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Early Release

We own a lawn care company. My kids, just like most kids, look up to their dad. Often  they say they are going to grow up and work for our company. Jeremy had mentioned teaching them to mow the lawn. I guess they overheard and kept asking when he was going to teach them. 

Occasionally, they get out of school early for an early release. On this particular early release day, it was really nice outside and our yard happened to need mowing. So, Jeremy felt this was the perfect opportunity to teach the older three to mow. Finn was the first one to get a try. He tried really hard, but got too frustrated trying to turn the mower around to mow the next strip of yard and decided he had had enough.
Piper was next to try. She did a good job and stuck with it for a long time. But when she got something in her eye, she decided that was enough. Something flew up from the lawnmower and hit her eye. Her eye was fine.
Seven is a really hard worker. He stuck with it the longest. We still need to work on mowing in straight lines, though. But for a five year old, he did a pretty good job!
What do you do with your kids on early release days?

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