Monday, December 31, 2012

Safety City

Piper's 3rd grade class took a field trip to Safety City. I was able to go and help out. It is a pretty cool field trip to go on. The students learn street safety and fire safety. 

This is an aerial view. It is a miniature city. I was standing where the "5" is. My job was to make sure the children stopped their car completely at the stop sign. They were to do a shoulder check, which is to look both ways to make sure it was safe to proceed straight down the road. It was interesting to watch each of the different children. They all drove differently. Some were very brave and some were more timid. I could tell when they came around the corner what kind of driver they were and when I would have to warn them that there was a stop sign that they had to stop at. Some children, I had to warn way before others. 

From where I was standing, I could watch the children learn about bus safety. They learned how to cross the street in front of a bus. They learned how far in front (10 feet) of the bus they needed to walk in order to make sure the bus driver could see them crossing the street and not run them over. They also learned how to exit the bus. 
Like I said, it is a miniature city. Here is the gas station.
A realtor office. There was a McDonald's on the other side. Everything was scaled down to a smaller size, child size.
Just like a real city, Safety City had stop signs, street lights, and street signs.
Piper was in the first group to learn bus safety. The children lined up to learn how far in front of the bus to safely cross the street when they get off the bus.
There's Piper...she just learned how to safely cross in front of the bus. Now she is waiting to learn how to safely exit the bus.
After learning bus safety, Piper's group learned how to safely cross the street.
Piper was in the second group to drive the cars. There were all different kinds of cars. This is the one Piper got to drive. She has been looking forward to this for 2 years now! 
There were bumpers on the side of the car. They were needed as the children sometimes ran into the curbs.
Piper was SO EXCITED to drive! When she stopped at the stop sign, she said, "Do you wanna take my picture?" So, I did, of course.
There she goes!
Next, Piper got to learn how to safely ride a bike on the street.
After she stopped at the stop sign and did a shoulder check to make sure it was safe to proceed, she signaled right and rode on. 

When Piper got to the stop light, she got off her bike. She checked to make sure it was safe to walk her bike across the intersection. Once she was across the intersection, she was able to get back on her bike and ride it again.
After practicing all the street safety, State Trooper Sparky Dean asked questions to review all the street safety that the children practiced. Piper is the one raising her hand to answer the question. 
I don't remember what year this fire truck is, but it was the first one that our city's fire department bought. They no longer use it, but it is restored and sits inside at safety city. This is in the room where the children learned about fire safety. 
I didn't get to stay and listen to the fire safety part. There weren't enough parent volunteers, so I had to back to my post at "5". 

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