Friday, December 21, 2012


You may not care what we did for Halloween, which was two months ago. But I am posting it anyway. This is the next event in my pictures. I have been pretty busy and just now posting about things that happened over a month ago. Maybe, just maybe, I will eventually catch up with the current happenings. Plus, this blog is for me, too. It will be my memories in the future.  

We carved a pumpkin. What is Halloween without a Jack-o-Lantern? Seven looks really concerned about the pumpkin as Jeremy makes the first cut.
After the lid is off, it is time to dig in and take all the "guts" out. I LOVE the expressions on Finn and Seven's faces. They are such boys! 
Piper and Rilian digging in!
Piper was really fascinated with the innards of the pumpkin!
Once all the insides of the pumpkin were out, it was time to make the face.
This really cracked me up! I happened to look at Rilian and he was holding a sharp knife. In the picture, it looked like he was going to stab Seven, but I don't really think he was. It just looked like that. This picture just looks evil!
 Rilian was getting up close and personal with the pumpkin while Jeremy cut the eyes.
Here's another evil baby brother picture! This time Rilian had a butter knife and he was actually poking Seven with it. Seven is laughing. But if you know Seven, life is just a big joke! So, of course he laughed about it!
Seven was digging the chunks of the Jack-O-Lantern's face out of the inside. Rilian was poking the mouth through after Jeremy cut it.
The completed face of our Jack-O-Lantern...since we have four kids, we let each one of them decide what each of the four parts of the face will look like. We get a pretty interesting face this way.
I had the kids pose with the completed Jack-O-Lantern. Piper decided to pick up a ball of "guts" for the picture and Rilian brought his butter knife back for the picture...I love my kids!
We have a light we stick inside our Jack-O-Lantern that changes three different colors. This is reddish color.
Then it changes to blue. I think I caught it in the transition. I couldn't get a picture of it turning green. That is the third color.
 Posing with the lit Jack-O-Lantern.
 My kids like being silly, so I let them take silly pictures after the serious ones.

 For Halloween, Seven was Darth Vader. Rilian was a dragon. Piper was Princess Peach, from Super Mario Brothers. Finn was the black Spider Man.

I apologize again for being so far behind in my blogging. I do realize Christmas is just a few days away. But maybe this will bring back good memories of your kids at Halloween!

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