Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We have fun with our kids. When it's time for the boys to get their haircut, Jeremy has fun...

This time around, the boys wanted there heads shaved so they could look like an alien. I'm not exactly sure where they got that image from, but they do have quite the imagination.

Before completely shaving the boy's heads, Jeremy gave them an "old man" haircut. They are such good sports about it. Here's Finn...
Rilian's is a little harder to see since his hair is blonde. But you can definitely see it on his blue shirt.
 Seven was the first to get his haircut. I guess I didn't get a picture of him this time, but Jeremy gave him an "old man" haircut once before.

No worries, though. We aren't cruel enough to leave their hair like that. Just long enough to laugh about it and take pictures. Jeremy did finish shaving their heads.
 What is picture time without silly pictures?

Look at all the hair that Jeremy shaved off! That is from all three boys! You can probably see the three different colors of hair.

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