Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Piper's First Flight

We have a small airplane hanger in town that has a Young Eagles program. If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 18, they can get a free flight. Piper just happened to turn 8 years old in May, so she got to go on her first airplane ride.

We had to wait in line. There were alot of children and teenagers that were getting to fly that day. She was actually number 74, but the numbers only went so high, so this was her card.
 We waited outside some and saw all the different little airplanes. There were several Cessnas, but only one Piper!
The pilot had to tell the passengers the rules before they went to the plane. Do you know the number one and most important rule? Do not touch the propeller! Makes sense, huh?
After going over the rules, they walked around the plane with the pilot as he explained  what each part was and what it did. The pilot had to check his plane before flight anyway. This is the propeller.
 The wing...
 The flap...
 The does the same thing as a boat rudder does.
Then it was time to board. The pilot told Piper where to step on the wing so she could climb into the cockpit.

 Ready for take off!
There goes my baby girl, Piper, flying in a Piper Cherokee 140!
I wasn't too worried while she was up in there air, but like any mother, I did have those normal worrisome thoughts go through my head. As you can see, she made it back safely!
 Piper and her pilot in front of the Piper Cherokee 140.
 After her flight, the pilot signed her logbook.
 And she got a certificate.
Piper can hardly wait til she gets to fly again!

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