Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Terrific Turtles

I always like taking Rilian to the preschool zoo classes that our zoo has once a month. The last one we went to was called "Terrific Turtles". We learned about turtles. This is a box turtle. Miss Joy is holding it there for Rilian to touch. 
Do you know how to easily tell the difference between a male box turtle and a female box turtle? Their eye color is different. The males have red eyes and the females have brown eyes. 

After learning a little bit about turtles, we got to decorate our very own turtle shell to wear. 

There were strings that the kids could put on their arms and wear the shell like a backpack.
 This is Rilian's finished turtle shell. He wouldn't put it on so I could take a picture.
Miss Joy is showing Rilian another type of turtle. He also touched this one. Unfortunately, since I am still behind on my blogging, I do not remember what kind of turtle this one is. This class was before Thanksgiving.
Here is a really big tortoise shell. Rilian wouldn't stand beside it for me to take his picture, but you can see how big it is with the tables beside it.
We went outside and learned about one more turtle. This is a pancake turtle. It is really flat, like a pancake.
After learning all about turtles, Rilian and I walked around the zoo and enjoyed looking at the other animals. He always likes looking at the flamingos.
 Rilian also usually wants his picture taken on the caterpillar.
I couldn't resist videoing Rilian hopping along. If you've spent any amount of time with him, you know his preferred method of travel is hopping, not walking.
I forgot to bring bread or cheerios to feed the fish and ducks, so we bought some food we could feed them. Rilian chose to flick it into the water, rather than dropping or throwing it in.
Our zoo has a hill that my kids like to run down. Rilian decided he would roll down it. He did make it to the bottom, but he may need to practice a little more.
When we came upon the ladybug, Rilian also wanted me to take his picture on it.
Near the exit of the zoo is this jeep. I had used my quarters to buy food for the ducks and fish, but Rilian was happy just to sit in it.
When we exited the zoo, there was music coming from the speakers. When Rilian hears music, he can't help but dance!

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