Monday, August 12, 2013

Finn's 8th Birthday Party

Finn really likes wolves right now. So, he decided he wanted a wolf birthday party. 
I didn't find any wolf print table covers that I liked, so I did the next best thing and made one!

Since Finn's birthday is in July, we had a pool party. As the guests arrived, they were to follow the wolf foot prints that were on the house to find the party.

I placed this sign at the side gate so they would know to come in the open gate to find the party in our backyard. 
 Jeremy went all out for Finn's cake...he made it glow in a black light!

My sweet Finn is 8 years old!!!
Finn got a wolf shirt for his wolf birthday party. Seven was also wearing a wolf shirt that day.
The good thing about Finn's birthday is that it is in July, which means...POOL PARTY!
Time to light the candle...
And sing!
One of Finn's presents was a horse shoe game. Seven decided he was a horse "wearing" horse shoes...
Happy 8th birthday to my first born son, Finn! You are a sweet and caring little boy, who is not so little anymore. You are growing taller and taller each day and will soon surpass me! I love your imagination and creativity! I love all the detail you put into your drawings! I love you, Finn!

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