Tuesday, August 20, 2013

San Antonio

We made a trip to San Antonio this summer. Rilian was enjoying looking off the balcony from our hotel room on the 5th floor. We stayed at the Marriott Plaza.
Seven wanted their picture taken by a fountain that was at our hotel. I'm not sure what Rilian was doing and I guess Piper thought she was too cool for the picture.
The hotel we stayed in was within walking distance from the Riverwalk and the Alamo. After we got settled in, we set out for the Alamo...however, Jeremy looked at the map on his phone wrong and led us in the wrong direction for about 5 blocks!
 It was hot...
We finally made it to The Alamo!
Inside The Alamo area...Rilian was upset because he wanted to keep looking at the huge fish in the stream.
We ate dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. If you've never been, it is as if you are actually in the rainforest. There are all kinds of animals inside (not real, of course) and it actually storms and rains (you don't really get wet, though). Rilian was watching as it stormed.
Thanks to Facebook, I found out one of my friends from high school was in San Antonio the same time we were. We met up for ice cream. Piper and Rebekah are the same age.  
 Finn and Josh. Josh is about 3 years older than Finn.
 Eating ice cream...

 Sara and I...
Seven flipped his hat from The Rainforest Cafe upside down and he looked pretty funny!
 Rilian enjoyed his ice cream like he always does!

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