Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clark Gardens

Some friends of our took us to Clark Gardens. It is beautiful there! I also got some good pictures (or not so good pictures, you'll see what I mean later) of the kids. I saw this tree with its beautiful orange leaves and thought it would be a nice background for a picture. My kids weren't being the most cooperative about getting their picture taken as you can see below. It's still a pretty picture, though.
This bridge also make a good photo opportunity. Jeremy took several shots here in hopes of getting a good one. This one turned out pretty good.
Then he showed me this one. I cracked up laughing at Rilian's expression on his face! I don't know what he was thinking or doing! (If you click on the pictures, you can see them bigger and see them better.)
Another pretty spot for a picture...Let's go down the row and examine each child...I think Seven was throwing stuff in the water...Piper was making a strange face, just because she could...Rilian had another goofy expression on his face...and Finn, well if we crop everyone else out, it would be a great picture of Finn! I laugh every time I see this picture!
Clark Gardens was having a Christmas type event when we were there and there was a small area where the kids could play with snow. It wasn't real snow, but they didn't care and maybe living in Texas, they couldn't tell the difference. Except for the feel. It had a very soft feel to it. It was kind of weird. It was kind of cold, but not wet. Just soft. Your hands felt kind of weird after touching it. 
Please ignore the little girl talking in the background. She was "in charge".

It was slippery, too. 
Snow in the hair...
The snow wasn't really that cold, but apparently it tasted horrible!
After the kids were done playing in the snow, we found a "gingerbread house" that they could play in. Seven looked through the window first.
Then Rilian found the window...
Seven went upstairs and found a small window...
Piper joined in the picture taking fun...
One of Santa's reindeer was there. It really didn't want much to do with people when we were looking at it. But it had also just gotten out of the trailer and maybe needed time to warm up to its new pen. If the kids tried to pet it, it moved away as fast as it could.
I'm sure you've noticed Rilian making quite the facial expressions in this post. When Jeremy noticed his facial expression in the reindeer picture, it reminded him of Will Poulter from We're the Millers
Rilian was SO excited to see Santa! I don't think he could hear the song Santa was singing, so he was just moving his mouth like Santa was...
It looks like he figured out the song in this video...
Back by the "gingerbread house" there were Gingerbread cut outs. Rilian had to stand on a chair to see through the hole.
Family picture!
Now, if you haven't noticed all the funny and weird facial expressions on Rilian's face, go back and look at the pictures again! It will leave you in stitches! I guess that day was the day for him to make faces in all the pictures!

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