Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Thanksgiving has come and gone...but here's what ours looked like...

My brother and his family came into town and we took them to see the farm. My kids (minus Rilian. He was sick.) and my brother's kids got together for the annual Thanksgiving picture.
 My brother and his beautiful family. Too bad Kaden looked the other way...
Mark is one crazy dude!
Of course, they had to have a ride in the bucket of the tractor!
He is a barrel of fun!
Piper and Mabrie got in the barrel, too.
 Seven decided he wanted a tractor ride too, so Finn rode by Jeremy.
 My brother and I...
Mark and his family headed home after lunch. We went to the grocery store and Finn curled up in the basket. He is pretty tall, so this amazed us that he could fit like that!
Poor Rilian, resting and watching a movie...he was better the next day.

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