Saturday, August 21, 2010

Slip and Slide

Another thing we did this summer was camp...not camping, but we went to Camp Zenith, which is a camp at Oklahoma Christian University for high school students and Camp Cornerstone. Cornerstone is also at Oklahoma Christian University, but it is for junior high students. In the afternoon, the campers choose which activities they want to participate in. One afternoon, there was a huge slip and slide. It was made out of banners that weren't being used. One of the teachers sprayed water on the banners and another teacher dripped baby soap on it, this together caused it to be pretty slick! Our kids had a blast with it!

Piper and Finn went first and Seven wasn't too far behind.
I managed to get some close-ups of the is Seven.
And Finn, with his mohawk.
And Piper. I was trying to figure out what the big white thing she has in her hand. I think she found a bunch of soap suds and was pushing them along as she slid down.
Jeremy would take them and throw them onto the slip and slide, hence Jeremy's weird stance. I guess Finn decided to go down on his back this time.

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