Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finn's 5th Birthday Party

I am way behind in my posting, but we can't leave out what happened on July 7, 2010...Finn turned 5 years old! 

I am disappointed that something was wrong with the camera at his birthday party and most of the pictures turned out blurry. This one was the least blurry of "Stick the smiley face on the Transformer." But I decided to post it anyway. We had a huge poster of Optimus Prime and Finn's friends had to see who could stick the smiley face closest to his heart. It was another version of "Pin the tail on the donkey." We just modified it for Finn's Transformer birthday party.
Jeremy decided since Finn was having a Transformer birthday party, his cake would actually transform from a car to Bumblebee, Finn's favorite Transformer. Here is the car.
It starts transforming...arms and legs come out...
And there is Bumblebee! Good job Jeremy! Way to make Finn's birthday cake awesome!
The candle is lit...and everyone is watching.
Time to blow out the candle!
Cake time! The top part of the car was actually a chocolate chip cookie sheet. The rest of the Transformer was chocolate cake...mmmmm!
Enjoying the cake...
This year was apparently the year to get giant stuffed animals for my kids for their birthdays. Seven got an alligator. Piper got a raccoon. And Finn got a tiger.
It is almost life-size!
And takes up a big portion of his bed!

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